Medieval Serbia Naslovna

Medieval Serbia

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Price: 89€


DURATION: 12 hours

Did you know that Serbian state was founded in the 12th century and that in one moment had exit on three seas?

On this trip to the eastern Serbia we will reveal you some of the most fascinating and intriguing stories from the Serbian medieval history. Our first stop will be a visit to Manasija Monastery and its 700 years old fortification that will take your breath away. Its tall and thick walls are there to keep safe a story about Stefan Lazarević – Serbian Medieval Prince, poet and knight from 14th century. When you fell in love with this place, it’s history and the nature that is surrounding this unique monastery, we will take you even deeper, to Resava Cave, one of the largest cave systems in Serbia, with corridors about 4.5 km long and 80 million years old.

After all these adventures you will need some break, and what is better than to have a lunch under waterfalls of Veliki Buk. Don’t put your cameras down yet because our tour continues to Krupaj Spring – the water spring, blue and green in color, with varying nuances. You will be just hypnotized from its beauty as a perfect end of our trip.

What you will see?

  • Manasija Monastery
  • Resava Cave
  • Veliki Buk Waterfalls
  • Gornjak Monastery
  • Krupaj Spring

What is included?

  • Pick up from your accommodation
  • Entrance fees
  • Professional tour guide and professional driver
  • Drop off at your accommodation

All prices are for a car drive including maximum 3 people, if you are a bigger group please contact us for an offer.

Please note that the constant temperature in Resava Cave is always +7°C and paths inside are slippery, so make sure you wear appropriate shoes as well as clothes.

Since we are visiting a church, make sure you have something to cover your shoulders and knees.